Yiddishkayt Los Angeles

Yiddishkayt is a Los Angeles based organisation. From the website:

"Yiddishkayt strives to ensure the survival of the endangered thousand-year legacy of Yiddish language, culture and history.

With groundbreaking language education and cultural programs, inventive partnerships, large-scale events, and innovative online communications, Yiddishkayt promotes and celebrates Yiddish as a profound pathway to Jewish identity. Since its inception in 1995, Yiddishkayt has embraced the multicultural richness of Los Angeles to strengthen consciousness—and foster the growth—of all things Yiddish, connecting generations old and new with their priceless cultural heritage. By focusing not only on the traditions but the creativity of Yiddish culture, Yiddishkayt charts a new way for Yiddish to evolve and adapt in the twenty-first century."

Yiddishkayt offers a program of events that includes concerts and lectures and also runs a language education program in the Los Angeles area.