Yiddish Books from the Harvard College Library

Description from Microform & Imaging Review 23/4 (1994):

"K.G. Saur [part of De Gruyter publishers] has filmed books selected by the Judaica Department of the Harvard College Library. This collection of non-copyright books and pamphlets are of research value to scholars in every field of modem Jewish studies. It includes materials in many areas of Jewish studies, e.g., Bible, Liturgy, Ethics, Jewish History, Philology.

The largest section, Yiddish Literature, which includes poetry, drama, fiction, humour and satire, and miscellaneous prose, contains dolens of other- wise inaccessible 19th century popular novels, con- fiscated Soviet publications of the I930's, and long since out-of-print literary anthologies and scholarly studies of the interwar period in Poland.

The collection reflects the complexity and diversity of Jewish culture throughout the period. In terms of date of publication, it extends from ethical works published in the early eighteenth century, to literary works published in the mid-twentieth century. In terms of imprint, it shows the reach of Yiddish publishing beyond the major centers of Vilna and Warsaw to Copenhagen, Czernowitz, and Chicago. This microfiche collection greatly improves the possibilities of research and scholarship in a number of areas, making it a necessary complement to the collection of any library with a serious interest in modern Jewish studies."

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