Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf - Abteilung für Jiddische Kultur, Sprache und Literatur

The department of Yiddish Culture, Language and Literature is a part of the Institute of Jewish Studies at Düsseldorf University.

In addition to language courses the department also offers courses on Yiddish literature from all eras, linguistic history and cultural history. Reserch in the last years has focused on Yiddish literature of the Jewish enlightenment and the early modern period, Yiddish linguistics and Yiddish literature and language in the Soviet Union. As a forum for the exchange of new research in the field of Jiddistik the chairs of the Jiddistik departments in Trier and Duesseldorf organize an annual joint symposium for Yiddish Studies in Germany.

For more elaborate information (in German) see this leaflet.