Stichting Jiddisj

From the website:

"The Yiddish Foundation (Stichting Jiddisj) was founded in 1999 and is dedicated to promoting interest and knowledge of Yiddish language and literature.

  • The Mira Rafalowicz library has books and magazines in Yiddish, as well as Yiddish literature in translation (into Dutch, English, Hebrew, and French), and reference books (download the catalogue here).
  • The quarterly Grine Medine opens a window to the Yiddish literature, in Yiddish, transliterated Yiddish (Dutch transliteration), and in Dutch (see an index here).
  • Every year there are new symposia where speakers from the Netherlands and abroad focus on a particular theme. An artistic program is always an integral part of these symposia. The last symposium, featuring the work and life of Abraham Sutzkever, took place November 9, 2003 in Amsterdam.
  • Musical and literary events are organised at least twice a year, giving the audience a glimpse into the richness of Yiddish culture, in Yiddish and translation.
  • The Yiddish Foundation initiates and stimulates Yiddish courses."