Salomo Birnbaum Society - Hamburg

The Salomo-Birnbaum-Society, or Salomo Birnbaum Gesellschaft für Jiddisch in Hamburg, was founded in 1995:

"It is our goal to promote the active participation in Yiddish language and culture, and to help keep the treasures of Yiddish culture from sinking into oblivion.

Our activities include:

  • Workshops, in which Yiddish texts are introduced and discussed
  • Yiddish discussion groups, dedicated to putting Yiddish into practice
  • Colloquia, lectures and readings, concerts, theater guest performances, movie screenings and exhibitions
  • Support of Yiddish publications and translations from Yiddish
  • Promotion of scientific projects in the field of Yiddish, e.g. through financial and professional support of a Yiddish library being set up in Hamburg: the Salomo-Birnbaum-Library"