Polish-Yiddish Dictionary on the Polish Wiktionary

This dictionary is one of the initiatives by the Polish Yidish Lebt project.

The authors of this dictionary ensure that all its entries conform to the standard language according to the grammar and spelling rules established by YIVO.

Currently Wikisłownik (the Polish Wiktionary) has 7958 Yiddish entries, all of which have YIVO romanization, Polish phonetic pronunciation, and IPA. Almost all of the nouns have an indication of the gender and plural form. Most of the entries also provide etymology, related terms, and synonyms. Some of the entries have
examples of the word used in a sentence.

We plan to complete all of the possible declensions and conjugations, and to provide usage examples for each entry. Every day we add new entries and expand the existing ones.

Currently our dictionary is the largest, up-to-date, postwar dictionary that has been "published" in Poland."