International Association of Yiddish Clubs 15th Conference

Thank you for listing our Conference. You are truly kind and special in this world of organizations to be there to advance the dreams and worthy projects of others. Would you kindly update information about the IAYC Conference? We have a new website: Fishl is my father. I am working on this with him and locals from Pittsburgh. Itzik Gottesman is speaking, Naftali Ejdelman (Yiddish Farm), and Prof. Yoshihi Hirose from Japan. We have added a retreat at night: Yiddish in Slippers: A Dream Sequence. Computer Lab with individual instruction to assist new Yiddish lovers online. We would love to feature your site, with your permission. We have the Yiddish Magic Carpet, a travelling exhibit where people can stitch on small items which represent pieces of history, or their family's background. We have shtetls that are remembered. We have interactive art projects, a marriage offer of an Eastern European wedding. Yale Strom and Elizabeth Schwartz of Hot P'Stromi and Voices of Klezmer are performing live and have offered to help a couple who would like to be married Saturday night, April 27th, at the Int'l Yiddish Conference, plan their wedding with authentic Eastern European / Balkan regions traditions. Also new this year, are Historical Characters, which can be sponsored for $18. We will have historical characters mingle for moments through the crowd and during the meals. It is really innovative this year. Fishl still as the We have just added a dedicated site for the Conference: Let us know how we can promote your work.