Volunteers sought for Yiddish library catalog project in Texas

The following request is a call for volunteers to help catalog a Yiddish collection in Texas:

"Greetings Yiddish Speakers,

I am coordinating a volunteer project with the University of Texas at San Antonio to catalog one of the largest Yiddish collections in the United States. The collection is a gift given to the University of Texas library from the Jewish Community of Mexico in 1977. There are approximately 5,000 books in the collection. There was an earlier effort made to catalog this collection at the time of the acquisition but it has been dormant for many years since that time. We are seeking volunteers who can translate scans of the books in the collection and fill out a simple data card and return them to me, so the information can be placed in the university catalog. You can work from your home anywhere in the world.

If you would be interested in volunteering please contact me at stuartcohn9@aol.com"