Special issue European Judaism on Yiddish 42/2 (2009)

The last issue of European Judaism (Volume 42, Number 2, Autumn 2009) was devoted to Yiddish. See for more information this page.

This is the table of contents:

pp. 1-2(2)
Author: Magonet, Jonathan

Yiddish Culture in France and in the French-speaking Areas
pp. 3-9(7)
Author: Niborski, Yitskhok

Yiddish without Yiddish?
pp. 10-18(9)
Author: Beer, Helen

Yiddish in Historical Research: Some Reflections
pp. 19-23(5)
Author: Zaagsma, Gerben

Books for the Masses: The Amsterdam Yiddish Book Industry, 1650-1800
pp. 24-33(10)
Author: Berger, Shlomo

Jodenhoeks: The Amsterdam Jewish Dialect and Its Influence upon the Dutch Language
pp. 34-46(13)
Author: van de Kamp, Justus

Untervegs: A Journey with the Yiddish Textbook
pp. 47-61(15)
Author: Wiecki, Evita

A New Portrait of Early Seventeenth-century Polish Jewry in an Unknown Eastern-Yiddish Remedy Book
pp. 62-79(18)
Author: Geller, Ewa

'Yidishe dikhterins': The Emergence of Modern Women's Poetry in Yiddish and Rokhl Korn's Poetic Debut
pp. 80-93(14)
Author: Valencia, Heather

Singing in Yiddish about London: 1880-1940
pp. 94-106(13)
Author: Lachs, Vivi

Yiddish Tango: A Musical Genre?
pp. 107-121(15)
Author: Czackis, Lloica

Jewish Mysticism and Messianism in Isaac Bashevis Singer's Family Chronicle Di familye Mushkat (The Family Moskat)
pp. 122-128(7)
Author: Wiegand, Haike Beruriah

A Tale of the Murdered Shtetl: The Image of the Shtetl in Yiddish Literature in Post-war Poland
pp. 129-144(16)
Author: Ruta, Magdalena

Why a Specific Cultural Identity Does Not Exclude Universality in Teaching Yiddish Folksong
pp. 145-156(12)
Author: Lipovsky, Shura

pp. 157-175(19)
Author: Lefkowitz, Larry

Yiddishlands: A Memoir (review)
pp. 179-180(2)
Author: Golby, Amanda

pp. 181-183(3)