Rothschild Foundation Academic Jewish Studies programme 2015

The AJS programme is changing: please click here for further information.

Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellowships: The 2015 grant programme will offer a completely open competition for its successful and sought after Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellowships. Unlike in previous years, candidates may now apply for a maximum of three years of funding for the Doctoral Fellowship grant, and for a maximum of two years of funding within the Post-Doctoral Fellowship category. Please click on the heading below for further information and to apply.

Language Studies: The Foundation will continue to fund places for European graduate students of Jewish Studies at select intensive language study programmes. Please click on the heading below for further information.

Institutional Support: From 2015, the Foundation’s support for institutions will not be offered through an open grant programme. Instead, Foundation Staff will work directly with selected partners to further advance the teaching of Jewish Studies in Europe. If you would like your institution to be considered as part of this programme, please read the information contained within the Regional Hub category below, and send an email to Robin Nobel explaining how your institution meets the criteria expressed.

The Foundation is aware and acknowledges that its new funding strategy for European Jewish Studies differs significantly from its earlier efforts. This will undoubtedly mean that some of our former and current grantees will no longer be eligible for funding. It is not uncommon for philanthropic bodies to narrow their focus or change their criteria and we trust that these changes will be respected.