Martin Buber Society Post Doctoral Scholarships - Hebrew University in Jerusalem

The Martin Buber Society of Fellows, a joint venture of the Hebrew University and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), aims at fostering inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural academic discourse at the highest level among outstanding young scholars (post-doctoral) from Israel and Germany together with selected senior colleagues. Each year the Academic Committee of the Martin Buber Society selects up to ten exceptionally gifted young scholars (five from Israel, five from Germany) in all fields of the Humanities and the Social Sciences (with the exception of Law and Applied Economics). Scholars, who have completed their PhD at an Israeli or German university, or citizens of Israel or Germany, who have received their PhD in other countries, are eligible to apply. The PhD degree must have been approved after October 1st, 2012 and no later than July 1st 2017.

Fellows are obliged to conduct their research in Israel and to participate in the workshops, colloquia and all activities of the MBSF and are expected to become part of the vibrant scholarly community in Jerusalem, reflecting the widest possible disciplinary spectrum in the Humanities and Social Sciences and embodying a spirit of shared intellectual adventure. No special connection of the subject matter to Jewish studies or Israel is required. We are looking for creative humanists and social scientists with broad intellectual horizons. Discussions in the Martin Buber Society will take place in English (not in Hebrew or German). 

The Fellows are asked to move to Jerusalem. They receive a monthly stipend of approximately 9000 Israeli shekels and a housing subsidy either for apartments in the university’s Student Village on Mount Scopus or in town. Non-Israeli fellows who move to Jerusalem with their family are eligible for additional support.
Fellows are given offices at the Hebrew University (Mount Scopus campus) and participate in bi-weekly seminars, lectures, study excursions, and other interactive academic modes. Each has the opportunity to pursue her or his individual research under optimal conditions for the term of her or his fellowship. 

Scholarships are granted for maximum four years (subject to a review at the end of each year by the Academic Committee of the Martin Buber Society), beginning October 1, 2017, on the basis of a detailed outline and description of a research project of major scope and innovative character. 

The deadline for applications for 2017-2018 is December 1st 2016.  
The Academic Committee of the Martin Buber Society will meet at the end of February to choose next year’s fellows. Outstanding candidates will be invited --at relatively short notice at the beginning of February -- for an interview either in person or on Skype.

Registration to the Martin Buber Society Fellowship is online only!! through our Website or directly at

The Martin Buber Society of Fellows, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Mandel Building, Room 321, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem, 91905.

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