CFP: Yiddish Culture in France Between the Two World Wars (AJS panel)

This panel will address the topic of Yiddish culture in France during and between the two World Wars. Yiddish culture in France is still an understudied topic, however, recent research in French, Jewish, and Yiddish studies shows that this lack of focus by scholars is not the result of a dearth of Yiddish cultural life in France. We hope that this panel will serve as a base from which to catalyze a new chapter in French, Jewish, and Yiddish studies to include France as an important place where Yiddish culture was created, performed, and lived. Papers for this panel can be widely conceived and need not focus solely on culture or cultural productions themselves. Papers on Yiddish in France, in the number of ways that that can be understood, are also welcome. The number of proposals will determine which format this panel will take.  If you would like to present on this topic or have any questions please contact

Nick Underwood
Ph.D. Candidate
modern European history | modern Jewish history

Assistant Managing Editor
East European Jewish Affairs