CFP: Special issue of the Journal of Jewish Languages - Jewish language variation and contact: Fifty years after Uriel Weinreich (1926-1967)

Call for papers: Special issue of the Journal of Jewish Languages
Proposed title: Jewish language variation and contact: Fifty years after Uriel Weinreich (1926-1967)
Guest editors: Isaac L. Bleaman (New York University) and Brian D. Joseph (The Ohio State University)
Time table: Submit title and 100-word abstract by February 15, 2016
                    Submit article by September 30, 2016

The Journal of Jewish Languages is preparing a special issue to commemorate the fiftieth yortsayt* of Uriel Weinreich (1926-1967), a pioneering scholar in the fields of language contact, variation and dialectology, formal semantics, and Yiddish studies. One of Weinreich's last papers, published in 1968 and co-authored with his doctoral students William Labov and Marvin I. Herzog, laid the groundwork for the empirical study of linguistic variation. In addition to his seminal works in linguistics, including the widely-cited volume Languages in Contact (1953), Weinreich was also a prolific scholar who did much to enable and promote the academic study of Yiddish in the United States.

This special issue of the JJL will feature original research articles on Jewish languages that draw upon the theories and methodologies of the fields most influenced by Uriel Weinreich's work, including but not limited to:
-- language variation and change,
-- language contact and multilingualism,
-- and Yiddish studies (especially dialectology, standardization, and pedagogy).

The deadline for submission of articles is September 30, 2016. Articles should be no longer than 12,000 words (but may be much shorter), including notes and bibliography. In order to determine whether their submission is compatible with the topic of the special issue, potential authors are asked to submit a suggested title and 100-word abstract to the guest editors by February 15, 2016 by email to Submitted articles will undergo double-blind peer review, according to the procedures specified by the journal.

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