CFA: Yiddish translation of 'Das Kapital'

We are circulating the attached call for articles dealing with the 150th Anniversary of the publication of ‘Das Kapital’.

We are particularly interested on a critical study related to the first Yiddish translation published in New York, 1917/18. This is perhaps one of the most demanding of the versions of Marx’s major work; it requires a thorough knowledge of [pre-reformed] Yiddish and of the German language. To control the lexicographic characteristics of this rendering, a command of the political/ideological discourse of the Bund, German and Russian Social Democracy and of the Anarchist movement in Europe and in the US is essential. This translation asks for an understanding in depth of the political, economic and cultural institutions of the Yiddish speaking worker in the US during the historic moment that extends from the 1890’s to the ‘Red Scare’.   


Radical Footnotes is an independent typographic space committed to bring forward the printed expression of the Working Class. You are invited to submit a short discourse addressing problems, analyzing developments, points of contention, methodologies, approaches and insights concerning:



1) Proposals: From intellectual workers in the academic sector, political organizations and individuals interested in Marx scholarship.

2) Rationale: Original contributions offering fresh theoretical and historical understanding of the different aspects of the publishing of Marx major work. Critical approaches and perspectives on international, national, and varied cultural context of the complex of problems related to its publication.

3) Scope: Studies on all aspects of the transmission, dissemination and reception of

‘Das Kapital’. 1. Introduction and reception of the first German edition in Britain.

2. Publishing and translation problems of the first [1885] unfinished English edition. 3. Marx as reader of Johannes Most ‘Kapital und Arbeit’ and of Carlo Cafiero ‘Il Capitale di Carlo Marx’. 4. Nature and performance of the preface, afterword and the ‘Avis au lecteur' in the first, second German and the French editions. 5. Marx as a proofreader. 6. Form of library research and function of book collecting in the structuring of his work. 7. The role played by the anarchists in the dissemination of ‘Das Kapital’.

4) Form of contributions: Studies, research, historiographic invention and bibliographic construction.

5) Length: from 3500 to 5000 words.

6) Languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

7) Observance: Submissions required to adopt the stylistic identity outlined in the ‘Author Briefing’, this can be obtained free from the publisher.

8) Submission of preliminary intent should be sent to publisher with a sse:

Carl Slienger Specialist Publisher & Antiquarian Bookseller. P. O. Box 4ST

London W1A 4ST

United Kingdom


9) Deadline: December 2016