Call for support - Yidishe Heftn/Les Cahiers Yiddish

The Cercle Bernard Lazare which publishes the magazine Yidishe Heftn - Les Cahiers Yiddish has issued the following call for subcribers and writers:

"We are proud to present to you YIDISHE HEFTN: our monthly magazine is the only Yiddish publication in Western Europe which has existed since 1996 with the support of The Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah.

Yidishe Heftn features articles dealing with cultural and literary issues (essays, poems, fiction, letters…) and articles concerning important Israeli political events and distinguished Jewish individuals.
The magazine publishes articles by French and foreign writers and scholars in presenting information about new publications on Jewish matters, conferences, etc.
Here are some articles published in our past issues :

2005 sep-oct :
- Dr Hariton Berman : Di Shoah fun 17tn yorhundert (Chmielnicki’s period : Shoah in 17th century)
- Henry Bulawko : Yidish in Auschwitz
- Moshe Sahar : Fun Lodz biz Yerushalayim (From Lodz to Jerusalem)
- Claude Hampel : Ilex Beler tsyal – moler un farteydiker fun Yidishn vort (Ilex Beller – painter and champion of Yiddish tongue)

2005 nov. :
- Mordkhe Lerman : Tsu der 10nz yortzayt fun Mord fun Yitzhak Rabin (10th anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination)
- S. Simkhovitch : Kafkas letste biografie (Kafka’s last biography)
- Dr David Katz : Prager legender (Legends of Prague)
- M. Masarski : « Shagal teg » in Vitebsk ( « Chagall’s Days » in Vitebsk)

2005 dec. :
- Amos Oz : Endlekh frey ! (Free at last !)
- Issachar Fater : Veltlekhe Yidishkeyt (Secular Judaism)
- Bela Chagall : « A khanike lomp » (Hanuka lamp)

2006 jan. : Our 100th issue !
- Milka Szulsztein : 100 numer « Yidishe Heftn » un 10 yor ekzistents (100th issue and 10 years of existence)
- Mordkhe Lerman : Men greyt zikh tsu di kumendike valn in Israel (Preparing oneself to forthcoming polls in Israel)
- I. Schreibman : Yidish in Keshenev (Yiddish in Kishienev)
- Leyb Kwitko : « Tsu aldi gute yor », lid (« Happy New Year », a poem)
- Ekiga Fishbin : Benn – der kinstler fun yidishn banem (Benn – the painter of the yidishkeyt)

Claude Hampel, co-founder and editor-in-chief of YIDISHE HEFTN, has conceived a beautiful layout – the full-color magazine covers display artworks by Jewish artists such as Moulé Ben-Haim, Ilex Beller, Alain Kleinmann, Benn, and others. The articles are also supplemented with black and white illustrations. Owing to C. Hampel’s love and care, YIDISHE HEFTN offers the reader a high-quality publication, designed to keep alive the Yiddish heritage and culture.

Though we already have readers in France, Israel, Poland, Lithuania and Russia, we look forward to receiving new subscribers. Also, in order to keep the flame alive, we would be happy to welcome new writers from abroad who wish to contribute by publishing in our magazine.

With this prospective in mind, we would be grateful if you promoted YIDISHE HEFTN among your members, your students, and any Yiddish lovers…We’re counting on you !
New articles and YH magazine covers will soon be available online.
To subscribe see our site at or contact us at

We sincerely thank you in advance for your help.
Yours truly,
Cercle Bernard Lazare"