National Library of Finland - Fenno-Ugrica Hebraica collection

Fenno-Ugrica of the National Library of Finland is a digital collection of publications in Uralic languages. The Fenno-Ugrica collection includes more than 1500 monographs and over 110 newspaper and journal titles in 20 languages.

In addition to the prints in Uralic languages, Fenno-Ugrica contains five special collections, Lapponica for Sami languages, Zingarica for Romani languages, Hebraica for Yiddish, Institute of Estonian Language for Livonian and Komi National Library for Komi languages.

The Hebraica collection contains digitized works in Yiddish. It is a selection of literary works, which were published in Yiddish during the last decades of the Russian Empire and which the library received as deposit copies. In addition to literary works of the Hebraica collection of the National Library of Finland, the online collection contains digitized text books in Yiddish. The items were originally published in former Soviet Union during the 1920s and the 1930s.