Kol Israel International - Yiddish radio

Kol Israel International has a daily 15 minute Yiddish radio show that can be listened to online (and on demand):

"Kol Israel International is a facility offered by the IBA (Israel Broadcasting Authority) in 14 foreign languages directed at audiences abroad or in the country. Its goal is to present a balanced and impartial picture of what happens in Israel in particular and in the region in general. In addition to the daily news and actuality Kol Israel International provides programs on different dimensions of life. Each language has its own schedule of programs focusing on political, social, educational, economic, technological, and cultural issues."

THE IBA began its broadcasts in Yiddish in 1948. Currently Adam Gruzman is in charge of the section. This is a short biography from the IBA World website:

"Joined Kol Israel in 1982. Head of the Yiddish Section, planning and transmitting daily Yiddish Programs (current affairs, reports on cultural events, interviews with writers and scholars, book reviews, theater, folklore, Yiddish songs etc.) and covering the wide range of activities and developments in the field of Yiddish in Israel and the Diaspora. "Kaster Award" (1997) for fostering Yiddish Culture in the Media. Member of the National Authority for Yiddish Culture."

The Yiddish show can be listened to either through Kol Israel International or IBA World.