Gilgulim - Yiddish Literary Magazine

From the website:

"Gilgulim is a magazine specializing in creative Yiddish writing and literature. It purports to publish material put forth by contemporary Yiddish writers, be that poetry, prose, theater plays, song lyrics (however short), diaries, personal notes, travel writing.

In each issue, a number of pages will be allocated to the reissueing of deceased Yiddish authors for younger generations of Yiddish literature lovers to access rare or out of print priceless material. Gilgulim means to stand for Yiddish literature tradition and for quality material.

That being said, no one should shy from submitting their own Yiddish material in any shape or form and regardless of its content. It has been a Yiddish literature tradition to hold in high esteem and to prize creativity, innovativeness and variety. Let us endeavour to keep that tradition alive for a great number of decades and beyond."