Symposium in memory of Rena Fuks-Mansfeld

On June 7, 2013, a special symposium in memory of Prof.dr. Rena Fuks-Mansfeld will be held at the library of the University of Amsterdam. Rena Fuks-Mansfeld was professor emerita of Jewish history at the University of Amsterdam and passed away on 27 November 2012. 


  • 13.00: Doors open
  • 13.30: Opening by prof. dr. Evelien Gans, professor of Contemporary Jewry (UvA)
  • 13.40: Documentary The Bund: A Century of Utopism (1997) starring: Rena Fuks
  • 14.15: Prof. dr. Karin Hofmeester, On Rena Fuks' magnum opus, a database of 700 Yiddish letters from the collections of the ISSH
  • 14.35: Dr. Gerben Zaagsma, In search of the Jewish freedom fighter. Jewish volunteers in the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). 
  • 15.00: Break
  • 15.30: Dr. Hans Goedkoop, 'Madame Fuks is not dead'. A personal recollection
  • 15.45: Dr. Shanti van Dam, 'Noblesse oblige', Theodore Reinach (/860-1928), a Jewish intellectual in France
  • 16.15: Dr. Pauline Micheels, Rena Fuks en Henriette Boas, insiders as outsiders
  • 16.30: Discussion
  • 17.00: Closing remarks & reception

Moderator: Prof.dr. Judith Frishman


Location: Doelenzaal, University of Amsterdam Library, Singel 425, Amsterdam. 

7 June 2013