"In a Literarisher Shtub" - The Zeitlin family and East European Jewish Culture

On Thursday, May the 4th, 2017 a conference which is dedicated to Hillel Zetlin and his sons Aharon and Elhanan Zeitlin and their work will take place at the Cymbalista Center at Tel Aviv University.

The father, Hillel Zeitlin (1871-1942) a philosopher, journalist, essayist and editor was active in Warsaw until his death during the Holocaust. His son Aharon Zeitlin (1899-1973) besides being a poet was a prose writer and playwright, publicist and journalist, editor and publisher, critic and mystic and one of the pioneers of modern parapsychology. The second son Elhanan (1902-1942) was a poet, critic, journalist and a social activist.

The Zeitlin family was well known in the Jewish Polish cultural and social milieu at the beginning of the 20th century. Besides their contribution to diverse intellectual and creative fields the father and sons were involved in Warsaw's literary and social polemical battles and played a dominant role in that lively Jewish center. Only Aharon Zeitlin survived the war due to a timely professional visit to America. This conference plans to explore the world of the Zeitlins through significant chapters in their biographies, their family relations, and their links with figures from Jewish Polish art, culture and society and beyond.

We would like to examine their literary and philosophical work, their sources and relations to Judaism, the place of Hasidism in their lives and literary work and their part in 20th century Warsaw Jewish politics. What was their attitude toward Zionism, and the contacts they maintained with the land of Israel? The conference will seek to explore their poetic work, their contacts with the Polish and Jewish Theatre, the journalistic and publishing activities they were involved in, and their critical and bi-lingual work from earliest days through the World War period within family life until the final days of the Warsaw ghetto.

We cordially invite scholars, researchers to send their proposals to the conference committee.

The Members of the committee are: Prof. Ron Margolin, Prof. Yonatan Meir, Dr. Aviv Livnat.

Please send a short proposal of 750-800 words in addition to a CV by January 29th to the following email address: livnatav@post.tau.ac.il

4 May 2017