KlezKamp 28: Yiddish Humor

KlezKamp (organised by Living Traditions) is coming up and this year's theme is humor:

"This year’s theme, Humor, will allow us to explore one of the most dynamic and longlasting characteristics of Yiddish culture. Humor underlies a vast segment of our cultural experience as an art, as a weapon and as a survival mechanism. It is also an elemental part of our world view and has helped us balance our chiaroscuro historic experience. What better place to explore the underpinnings of Yiddish humor than in the Catskills, the breeding ground for American comedy for most of the 20th century?

So in addition to our usual bevy of music, language, food, crafts, folklore and dance workshops—not to mention our world-class KlezKids program—this year’s theme will be explored by Miriam Isaacs, Ron Robboy, Michael Wex, Steve Weintraub, Pete Sokolow, Jill Gellerman and myself. We also welcome—after nudging him for a good two decades—new presenter Reb Moshe Waldoks, co-author of THE BIG BOOK OF JEWISH HUMOR and a third-degree Black Belt mentsh who will offer classes on the power and scope of Jewish humor. You can identify our special-theme offerings by the little humor logo:

And we welcome filmmaker Roberta Grossman, whose recently released documentary, Hava Nagila (The Movie), will enjoy its Catskills premiere; it features scenes filmed at last year’s KlezKamp. Humor? You decide.

Following the extremely successful, pioneering A Biselle KlezKamp at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in July (and looking ahead to the second one on July 21, 2013), we are thrilled to return to our old home. The Hudson Valley Resort and Spa is a modern hotel mit alle mayles (with all the trimmings) in the Catskill tradition, whose world-class kitchen is, as always, under the shtreng Glatt kosher hashgokhe of Ha’rov Avrom Kahn.

It has been an honor and a privilege to head this wonderful program that has brought Yiddish culture to a new generation in a new century. Join us and be part of the next exciting chapter of KlezKamp.

We dedicate this year’s KlezKamp to the memory of our longtime colleague, good friend and pillar of the New Yiddish cultural movement, Adrienne ("Chana") Cooper.

Mit varemste grisn,

Henry "Hank" Sapoznik"

23 December 2012 - 28 December 2012