IAYC 13th Conference "Yiddish Around the World"

From the Der Bay mailing list:

"Our exciting 13th IAYC Conference is coming up April 23-26, 2010 near the San Francisco Airport. If you can make it, please see http://www.derbay.org/millbrae/

The International Association of Yiddish Clubs (IAYC) will hold its special 13th conference at the Westin Hotel in Millbrae, April 23-26, 2010. The theme is “Yiddish around the World”. Conferences are held in a different city each time. Last year it was at the Marriott Hotel in La Jolla, CA. The only other time it was in California was at UCLA’s International Conference Center. They have been located in universities, conference centers and in hotels from Toronto to Miami, in Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis. The most unusual location was at Trinity College a Catholic college in Fairfield, Connecticut where they had a meshgiach and purchased all new dishes and silverware.

The 100 member clubs are mostly in the U.S and in Canada. Others are in Israel, South Africa and Spain. Anyone can attend and one needs not be fluent in Yiddish, for most of the sessions have four concurrent speakers ranging from all English to all Yiddish.

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Each evening after the banquet there are three acts of first class Yiddish entertainment with the best of local and national musicians, singers, dancers, and comedians.

Below are a few of the unusual and remarkable presenters. The last two are the world’s leading Yiddish experts on the use of the computer for Yiddish writing and learning.

DR. BARNETT “Barney” ZUMOFF is an internationally renowned Endocrinology teacher and researcher and Professor of Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. His long career in Yiddish cultural activity includes; Past President of the Forward Association, co-President of the Congress for Jewish Culture, Vice-President of the Folksbiene, the oldest Yiddish theater in the world. Dr. Zumoff has translated 18 Yiddish books into English. During World War II he held the rank of Major General.

PROF. YOSHIJI “YOSHI” HIROSE is in the English Department at Notre Dame

Seishin University and received his doctorate from Kansai University (Osaka, Japan). “Yoshii” has a diploma in Jewish Studies (Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, England), and an MA from the University of Washington. His publications include: Shadows of Yiddish on Modern American Jewish Writers, and The Symbolic Meaning of Yiddish.

VIVIAN FELSEN is a Toronto translator and visual artist. She was the recipient of the Canadian Jewish Book Award for her English version of Montreal of Yesterday by Israel Medres, about Jewish immigrant life in Montreal before World War I. Her translation of his Between the Wars, about the Jews of Canada between the two World Wars, won the prestigious J. I. Segal Award. She divides her time between translating, and giving talks on Yiddish-related themes.

DR. JACK BERGER is Chairman of Borcus, Inc., a consultancy firm. For 30 years he was a V. P. at Citibank, N.A. He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois and has taught Chemical Engineering at several universities. His landmark translations of eight Yizkor Books, from Yiddish and Hebrew into English, are in libraries all over the English-speaking world. He lives in Mahwah, NJ and has been a twice-elected President of his Temple.

PROF.NEIL G. JACOBS is Associate Professor in the Yiddish and Ashkenazic Studies Program of the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, The Ohio State University. He is author of Economy in Yiddish Vocalism: A study in the interplay of Hebrew and non Hebrew components (iggo), and has published widely in the field of Yiddish linguistics, primarily in language history, phonology, and dialectology. He has also published in the areas of post Yiddish ethnolects, Jewish cabaret, and Jewish geography, and edited the collection Studies in Jewish Geography (1998).

PROF. IOSIF VAISMAN was born in Chernovtsy in 1962 and has a PhD from the Russian Academy of Sciences. He currently teaches bioinformatics and computational biology at George Mason University. In 1994 he and his wife Shura created the Virtual Shtetl – the first comprehensive website dedicated to Yiddish language and culture. For several years Iosif Vaisman served as a moderator of Mendele. Vaisman’s daughter Asya received a doctorate in Yiddish at Harvard and will be at the conference. She is a post-doctoral student at the U of WA

PROF. RAPHAEL FINKEL developed software for computer-assisted Yiddish document creation. His software drives Yiddishe Shraybmashinke, a sophisticated Yiddish software is available to Yiddish computer users. He is the technical editor of the Web journal Der Bavebter Yid. Raphael speaks Yiddish with his two children. He is a member of the IAYC Board of Directors. In addition to his lecture, he does the Yiddish portion of the shabes services at each conference.

The website for updated conference information can be found at www.derbay.org/millbrae/ as well as about IAYC. Der Bay is an International Anglo-Yiddish newsletter that is in its 20th year. It includes the only international calendar of Yiddish events and many Yiddish resources. It also is online with readers in every state and contacts in 35 countries."

23 April 2010 - 26 April 2010