The 9th International Summer Seminar in Yiddish Language and Culture in Warsaw

This summer progran is organised by The Center for Yiddish Culture of the Shalom Foundation:

"Submerge yourself in our intensive Yiddish summer course and a variety of language-related activities in our newly opened, modernly equipped Yiddish Center.
Participate in a wide range of afternoon cultural events, lectures and workshops.
Discover the pre- and postwar history of Yiddish culture in Poland.
Get to know contemporary Jewish life in Poland.
Meet native Yiddish speakers from Poland and learn their stories.
Visit the once vibrant center of Yiddish culture.
Explore the resources of Warsaw archives, libraries and visual collections documenting Jewish life in Poland.
For more information, write to:"

Visit the link below for more information on the program and application details.

4 July 2011 - 22 July 2011