« Monday July 20, 2020 »

"Update on Status of 2020 Summer Program (20/04/20):
Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Tel Aviv University-International has cancelled all summer programs scheduled to take place in June and July 2020.
We very much regret not being able to learn with you in Tel Aviv this summer and we look forward to a wonderful summer of Yiddish language and culture in 2021."

June 28 – July 23, 2020

Start: 20 Jul 2020

Due to the current outbreak of COVID-19, we regret to inform you that we have decided to postpone the seminar « Yiddish on the Continent » which was to be held in Brussels in July. Given the guidelines by our Government and the University, we will not be able to organise courses in a safe environment for all and to ensure the social distancing between students to limit the spread of the virus.

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