11th Contact Day Jewish Studies on the Low Countries

University of Antwerp
Tuesday 22 May 2018
09h15 - 17h30
Followed by an evening lecture by Prof. dr. em. Hans Blom and Dr. David Wertheim at 20h00.

Location: City campus University of Antwerp
Contact day: room D.127, Grote Kauwenberg 18, 2000 Antwerp
Evening lecture: Annexe building, Lange Winkelstraat 9, 2000 Antwerp

The Institute of Jewish Studies organizes for the 11th time an interdisciplinary conference at the University of Antwerp concerning Jewish Studies on the Low Countries. The purpose of the conference is to facilitate contacts between researchers working within this area of study. We especially encourage young researchers to participate in the workshop. We also hope for contributions from more established researchers, in order to establish a positive exchange between different research generations. This year the contact day will be followed by an evening lecture (in Dutch) by Prof. dr. em. Hans Blom and Dr. David Wertheim on the history of the Jews in the Netherlands.

See the program here.


22 May 2018