Der Moment

Der Moment is an online Yiddish newspaper which prides itself on being written in "prewar, authentic Yiddish by native speakers from Eastern Europe". The newspaper just celebrated its second birthday:
"We started this newspaper (online only) because there was very little out there, actually nothing, by native speakers in the kind of Yiddish that one found in the original MOMENT and HEINT [more information on the digitized version of Haynt here]. Our founder is D"r Oytzer Namast. The readers are all over the world. This site was started to preserve the Yiddish language as it was spoken in Europe before WWII. We are non-partisan and 'alveltlech' in our view. We have many, many thousands of Hasidic and religious readers. We also have a very large non-Jewish readership, professors and students of Yiddish as well as non-Jews who once lived in small Jewish towns in Eastern Europe and still remember how to speak Yiddish because they either lived in Jewish towns or did business with Jews."