The Center for Yiddish Culture of the Shalom Foundation

From the website:

"The Center for Yiddish Culture of the Shalom Foundation is an initiative whose activities focus primarily on the culture and language of the Ashkenazim.

Our intention is to discuss and teach both in an attractive and modern way to offer their immense and precious heritage a better opportunity to be incorporated into the contemporary Polish culture. We wish to prove that Yiddish culture means much more than just nostalgic images of shtetl life; it is a living language and heritage that must be faced in different social, artistic and research projects.

It is high time Polish authors started a true dialogue with the Yiddish heritage. A lot has been said and written about emptiness and loss. We want to fill this void and show how much the (non)present can offer our times. This will be our biggest challenge."

The Center is involved with research projects, offers regular Yiddish courses and also organises a summer program.