Bundism.net - A network devoted to research on the Jewish Labor Bund

From the website: "Bundism.net is a transnational network of scholars who have a common interest in the history and ideas of the Jewish Labor Bund. Our website offers resources and information relating to the Bund’s history. We are a community of knowledge exchange with the shared goal of support research on the Bund. Please feel free to browse our site and explore the resources available. You can also join the network as either a tuer (Yiddish for ‘activist’), if your recent work engages directly with the history of the Bund, as a khaver (Yiddish for ‘comrade’ or ‘friend’), if you are not engaged directly in research on the Bund but you are interested in Bundist history and ideas, or as a leyeners (Yiddish for ‘reader’), if you are not a researcher but still have an interest in Bundism and the Bund." Bundism.net also operates a mailing list for members.