Yiddish Children’s Books Collection

This is a project by the Special Collections Department of the Florida Atlantic University Libraries:

"The Yiddish Children’s books are a part of the Joseph and Mary Savetsky Yiddish Resources Collection at the Florida Atlantic University Libraries. This is the largest Yiddish Collection in the Southeast United States. The condition and uniqueness of the Yiddish Children’s Books collection makes them ideal candidates for a digital library.

The children’s books represented in this collection include original stories by Yiddish authors that include Sholem Aleichem, Jacob Pat, and Sholem Asch. The collection also includes Yiddish translations of non-Jewish children’s stories by such authors as Hans Christian Andersen, Rudyard Kipling, and Jacob Grimm. Harriet Beecher Stowe's famous novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which is distilled and translated into Yiddish as Feter Tom."