S. L. and Eileen Shneiderman Collection of Yiddish Books

This website documents the collection of Yiddish books owned by the journalist S.L. Shneiderman which is housed at the University of Maryland Libraries:

"In 1996, the celebrated Yiddishist - journalist, poet, essayist - S. L. Shneiderman, passed away, leaving behind a Collection of 395 Yiddish books, nearly half of which bearing the autographs of prominent Yiddish writers from Russia and France, Israel, Canada and the United States. His wife, collaborator, and inspiration, Eileen Shneiderman, graciously donated this collection to the University of Maryland's McKeldin Library in November of 1996. It is this site's goal to make these books known and available to those interested in Yiddish literature and culture on any level: scholarly research, education purposes, or pleasureable reading. However, the very richness of the books could easily overshadow the work and accomplishments of their donors. This site is devoted to the memory of Samuel L. Shneiderman (1906-1996) and Eileen Shneiderman (1908-2005)."

The list of books can be consulted here.