Call for submissions for an edited volume on Yiddish-Slavic Language Contact

How Slavic is Yiddish? Advances in Yiddish-Slavic Language Contact

Over the years the component character of Yiddish has gained common recognition and has been extensively described. The Slavic component, however, is yet to be adequately acknowledged. Yiddish-Slavic language contact still calls for thorough research using the most recent methodology in the field of contact linguistics. Our planned publication is meant to fill this gap in the field of Yiddish Studies.

On the other hand, however important the topic of Yiddish Slavic language contact is in itself, it can prove at least as useful as a steppingstone for investigating the general phenomenon of language contact.

We welcome proposals on various aspects of the so-called Slavic component in Yiddish with the main focus on the structural and pragmatic perspective in terms of language system and language use.

We encourage and will give special consideration to contributions on the following topics:

a) word formation, diminutives, augmentatives;
b) lexical and morphological hybridity;
c) loan translations;
d) interlingual semantic equivalence and lexical relations;
e) discourse markers and other utterance modifiers;
f) structural reanalysis;
g) verbal grammar, auxiliary verbs;
h) multiple negation;
i) pro-drop constructions;
j) subordinate clause structures;
k) thematic role assignment;
l) Yiddish case system;
m) government in prepositional phrases
n) symmetric patterns in the phonetic system.

We would, of course, also consider submission on different topics.

General information:

The language of publication is English. All submissions should be based on original research and not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors are advised that submission of a proposal does not constitute a commitment or guarantee by volume editors that the paper will be incorporated in the volume. The length of the final submission should be roughly between 8,000 and 10,000 words (including references, footnotes, and citations). The working stylesheet the authors should followed, will be sent upon acceptance.

The publication is a part of a research project currently conducted at the University of Warsaw:

1 Submission:

Interested contributors are requested to submit an abstract (400-600 words, references included) with a title, and a short biography of the contributor (including author’s academic titles and affiliation) to the editors at or

Chief editor:

Ewa Geller (Professor, University of Warsaw)

Associate editors:

Agata Reibach (PhD, University of Warsaw)

Michał Gajek (University of Warsaw)

Zuzanna Łapa (University of Warsaw)

About the publisher:

We wish to publish the volume as an open access book in order to reach the largest possible audience. We plan to submit the edited volume to Brill Publishers (or a publisher of similar rank) for consideration of publishing as part of their Language and Linguistics Series. After a contract for the volume has been issued, all authors will be required to complete copyright forms issued by the publisher.

Deadlines for submission:

1 March 2019:

Abstract (400-600 words) and short bio of the contributor

15 March 2019:

Notification of acceptance

15 September 2019: Final paper submission

End of March 2020: Notification of acceptance of the volume by the publisher

End of 2020:

Planned publication date

Contact information:

Agata Reibach, PhD


Ewa Geller, Prof.

Department of German Studies

University of Warsaw

ul. Dobra 55

00-312 Warsaw, Poland