National Digital Library Polona

From the website: "National Digital Library POLONA presents a selection of most outstanding representatives of Yiddish literature written before World War II: poets, novelists, playwrights and pioneers in writing in that language, such as Salomon Ettinger, Mendele Mojcher Sforim, and those who came later, Abraham Goldfaden, Icchok Lejb Perec, and others. Our intention is to show them as individuals and present their work and writings. We enclose their short biographies. "

About the digital library itself: "The National Digital Library Polona was created for all libraries and Internet users. Our mission is to enhance wide and easy access to the digital collections of the Library, including the most important editions of literature and scientific materials, historical documents, journals, graphics, photography, score and maps. Our main aim is to present Polish cultural heritage with its age-old tradition and achievements, as well as showing the abundance of the National Library's collections. We invite you to visit online our magazines and treasuries."