Living Traditions

From the website:

"Living Traditions, founded in 1994, is dedicated to the celebration and continuity of community-based traditional Yiddish culture. Living Traditions brings the lush bounty of Yiddish culture to new generations in ways both inspiring and relevant to contemporary Jewish life. Not as a symbol of a lost world, or as a “duty” to perpetuate but as a meaningful part of one’s active personal identity in a multi-cultural world. Living Traditions places a high value on cultural literacy by presenting Yiddish music, dance, history, folklore, crafts and visual arts through its classes, publications, recordings and documentaries as well as through “KlezKamp: The Yiddish Folk Arts Program,” now in its 24th year. Living Traditions thus encourages the development of a worldwide Jewish community knowledgably steeped in its language, culture and traditions, too often forgotten in modern Jewish life."

Living Traditions organises the annual Klezkamp - The Yiddish Folk Arts program.