League for Yiddish

From the website:

"The League for Yiddish, Inc., was founded in 1979 by prominent Yiddish linguist and professor Dr. Mordkhe Schaechter in order to provide organizational support for the modernization, standardization and use of the Yiddish language in all spheres of daily life. With devoted members on six continents, the League for Yiddish is one of the few organizations in today's Yiddish cultural and linguistic world that conducts its activities almost entirely in mame-loshn.

The goals of the League for Yiddish are:

  • to encourage people to speak Yiddish in their everyday life;
  • to enhance the prestige of Yiddish as a living language, both within and outside the Yiddish-speaking community;
  • to promote the modernization of Yiddish."

The League publishes the journal Afn Shvel.

Another project is the film series "Worlds within a World: Conversations with Yiddish Writers" which "aims to provide a visual and oral document of prominent contemporary Yiddish writers so that present and future generations can "spend time" with these fascinating figures and gain some insight into their work and milieu."