JUDAICA Europeana

This is part of the Europeana project:

"JUDAICA Europeana will work with European cultural institutions to identify content documenting the Jewish contribution to the cities of Europe.

It will digitise 10,500 photos, 1,500 postcards and 7,150 recordings as well as several million pages from books, newspapers, archives and press clippings. The digitised content will be available at Europeana.eu.

JUDAICA Europeana is funded by the European Commission under the eContentplus programme, as part of the i2010 policy.

JUDAICA Europeana is one of a series of initiatives supported by the European Commission’s eContentplus programme that harvests, and aggregates content for EUROPEANA; the European digital library. Europeana draws on rich content from libraries, archives and museums and will be launching a prototype in the summer of 2010."