Jewish Language Research Website

From the website: "The Jewish Language Research Website has three goals:

  1. To serve as a resource for the field of Jewish linguistics - the study of Jewish languages on an individual and comparative basis - encouraging collaboration among scholars of various Jewish languages
  2. To provide information and bibliographic references for linguists and Jewish studies scholars who wish to incorporate Jewish languages into their research
  3. To provide an introduction to Jewish languages for the general public

Viewers can find information on this website in various ways. There are descriptions of over a dozen Jewish languages (accessible in map and list forms), including fundamentals of their history, linguistics, and literature. Each language description - written by top scholars specifically for this site - includes a basic bibliography and a list of researchers of that language who have provided their contact information. The Samples page presents audio and textual samples of several Jewish languages. The Researchers page lists scholars in the field along with their contact information and books and articles they have written. The Resources page provides a bibliography of Jewish linguistics, syllabi from university-level Jewish languages courses, a detailed guide to computing in Hebrew and Jewish languages, a discussion of Jewish names, and links to academic websites related to Jewish languages, including mailing lists, research institutes, and online databases."

The Yiddish pages can be found here