Jerusalem Almanach in Yiddish

The Jerusalem Almanach in Yiddish offers a mix of contemporary Yiddish writing and poetry, memoirs and scholarly essays.

From the website:

"The Yerusholaymer Almanakh was founded by the noted Yiddish poet and literary editor Yoysef Kerler in 1973 as the organ of the then sizeable group of Yiddish authors living in the Israeli capital. The “Almanakh” was always lacking secure financial basis. Nevertheless in the ensuing 23 years of its existence the erstwhile “Jerusalem group” of Yiddish writers managed to publish 26 volumes thanks to the selfless dedication and indefatigable editorship of Yoysef Kerler (1918-2000). Over the years his associate editors were: Dovid Sfard (1973-1982), Efraim Shedletzky (1982-1992) and Dov-Ber Kerler (1993-1998).

In 2003 the “Almanakh” was renewed as “periodical collections of Yiddish literature and culture”. Now like in its past the “Yerusholaymer Almanakh” strives to publish both the new oeuvre of accomplished authors as well as the first or early works of younger writers, scholars and essayists. It is also interested in publishing important historical, cultural, and literary documents and will not shy away from more complex or even more “academic” studies.

While its financial basis still remains unsecure it is hoped that the renewed “Almanakh” will be able to continue to offer a free literary venue for contemporary Yiddish creativity, research, and scholarship and to reach out to old and new readers and writers throughout the world."

The last issue was published in 2008 and many articles can be downloaded online. The first 16 volumes can be downloaded via the Internet Archive here.