The Institute of Jewish Studies at the University of Antwerp

From the website:

"The Institute of Jewish Studies was established in the autumn of 2001. It is fully integrated into the University of Antwerp and supported by the Ministry of Education of the Flemish Community in Belgium. Its goal is the academic study of Judaism from a variety of perspectives: historical, philological, cultural, literary, religious, philosophical and sociological. The Institute's activities cover academic research, university teaching and educational services for a general public.

The Institute organizes an annual series of over twenty lectures on various topics in the field of Jewish Studies, language courses in Yiddish and modern Hebrew at different levels of linguistic competence, a number of courses in Jewish Studies integrated in the department of Literature and Philosophy, and special academic and public events such as conferences, symposia, workshops, and reading groups. The Institute's research topics, academic gatherings and public events focus on modern Jewish history, literature, philosophy and cultural studies. Simultaneously, they touch upon a range of issues at the heart of current concerns in Europe's academic, cultural and social life."