World War I and its Impact on the Jewish World - A Multi-Disciplinary Conference


'A World in Turmoil' - World War I and its Impact on the Jewish World A Multi-Disciplinary Conference

February 25, 2015

Efrata College of Education, Jerusalem
Emuna-Efrata - Academic College for Education and Art

Efrata College in Jerusalem announces an international multi-disciplinary research conference devoted to the various ways in which the First World War and its aftermath impacted, changed and influenced Jewish life and culture throughout the world.

The Great War was fought on many fronts, and its impact was felt far from the battle fields, military headquarters and political conferences - both during the fighting and afterwards. It affected civilian populations and influenced wider social and cultural processes.  On the one hand, Jews were involved in the war efforts of their countries, at times facing each other as enemies on opposite sides of the front. On the other hand, they organized world-wide and cooperated to relieve the suffering of Jewish communities in Europe and Palestine. After the war borders were redrawn, dramatic changes of regime occurred, and many Jews found themselves in a new social and political reality.

The following topics are suggested; proposals dealing with other subjects will also be considered.

  • Jewish soldiers during the War, their activities, experiences and identity
  • Migration and dislocation of individuals and of communities,  during the War and in its aftermath
  • Jewish organizations during the War and after
  • Women confronting the realities and consequences of war - challenges, difficulties, strategies
  • The ramifications of the peace conferences for Jewish communities world-wide
  • The Yishuv in Palestine/Eretz-Israel during the War
  • The Zionist Organization and Zionist activities during the War in in its wake
  • Secular and religious Jewish thought on the war and in response to it
  • Halachic dilemmas and decisions relating to the War, its results and implications
  • The Jewish world in the wake of the War - political, demographic, social and economic aspects
  • Jewish Memory and the Great War

A conference volume is scheduled to be published in the Efrata College refereed series, History - Reality - Thought.

Proposals no longer than 300 words and a short CV should be sent to Einat Zadok, conference secretary, no later than May 30, 2014.  Replies will be sent during July.

Conference Steering Committee:  Dr. Michal Ben Ya'akov (chair), Prof. Judith Baumel-Schwartz, Dr. Ben-Zion Klibansky, Prof. Israel Rozenson, Dr. Yossi Spanier, Eran Tirosh, Prof. Zvi Zohar

Hebrew Call for Papers:

Michal Ben Ya'akov
Efrata College of Education<>

25 February 2015