Testimonies and Teaching: New Sources and Methodologies for Jewish Studies

The workshop "Testimonies and Teaching: New Sources and Methodologies for Jewish Studies" will be held at Central European University in Budapest from 21-25 March 2011.

The deadline for applications is 9 January, 2011.

This CRC workshop will be structured around the extensive Visual History Archive of the USC Shoah Foundation, which contains interviews with 52,000 people: http://www.library.ceu.hu/vha.html .

The CEU Library has recently been given access to this remarkable resource, and the CRC workshop will explore ways in which this database can be useful in designing university courses. Participants will be able to consult with CEU faculty in Jewish Studies and Gender Studies. During the session they will also have the opportunity to use the Visual History Archive. University teachers of history, sociology, anthropology and gender studies are encouraged to apply.

NOTE: applicants are requested to submit an 800-word statement of intention on how they are planning to use the Visual History Archive in their teaching.

21 March 2011 - 25 March 2011