KlezKamp 27: Yiddish Theater

Klezkamp is coming up again and this year's theme is Yiddish Theater:

"This year's theme explores one of the most dynamic and long-lasting products of Yiddish culture: its theater. From its snappy and memorable songs to the deathless plays that made its productions magnets for Jews and non-Jews alike, the Yiddish theater is still with us: its effects are timeless and its influence on American popular culture undeniable.

So in addition to our usual bevy of music, language, food, crafts, folklore and dance workshops-not to mention our world-class KlezKids program-this year's Theater theme is explored through new offerings by Miriam Isaacs, Ron Robboy, Adrienne Cooper and myself. We welcome back trumpeter Ben Holmes and electronic music maven and balalaika virtuoso Alan zemel. And our new presenter is Amanda Miryem-Khaye Seigel, who will offer classes in both Yiddish and English, including staged readings of radio playlets by the great writer Nahum Stutchkoff. You can identify our special-theme offerings by the little drama masks logo.

Following the extremely successful, pioneering Summer KlezKamp at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in July (and looking ahead to the second one on July 22-26, 2012!) we are thrilled to return to our old home. The Hudson Valley Resort and Spa is a modern hotel mit alle mayles (with all the trimmings) in the Catskill tradition, whose world-class kitchen is, as always, under the shtreng Glatt kosher hashgokhe of Ha'rov Gershon Kreuser. It has been an honor and a privilege to head this wonderful program that has brought Yiddish culture to a new generation in a new century. Join us and be part of the next exciting chapter of KlezKamp."

25 December 2011 - 30 December 2011