Revealers of Secrets - 200 Years of Galician Haskalah (The Fifth International Conference for the Study of the Haskalah Movement),

The Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies and the Center for Research on the History and Culture of Polish Jewry, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem 

The Institute for the History of Polish Jewry and Israel-Poland Relations, Tel Aviv University

The Project of the Jews in Galicia and Bukovina, Herzl Institute, University of Haifa


Call for Papers: Revealers of Secrets – 200 Years of Galician Haskalah (The Fifth International Conference for the Study of the Haskalah Movement), Jerusalem, December 22—25, 2013


The year 2013 will mark the bicentennial of two initiatives that marked the beginning of the Haskalah movement in Galicia: the establishment of a modern Jewish school and the composition of a Hebrew maskilic journal by one of the leaders of the movement, Joseph Perl.


Galicia was one of the three major centers of the Haskalah, along with Germany and the Russian Empire. The center in Galicia led the Haskalah in the first half of the nineteenth century, paving new paths in Jewish culture and Jewish thought, ‘Wissenschaft des Judentums’, Hebrew and Yiddish literature, and Jewish nationalism. Despite the central role of the Galician Haskalah in shaping the face of modern European Judaism and the image of the modern Jew, its place in Haskalah historiography is less prominent than that of the other two centers.  The conference focus will be a renewed discussion and a comprehensive consideration of the Galician Haskalah.


Suggested topics:

            a. History of the movement.

            b. Literature.

            c. 'Wissenschaft des Judentums'.

            d. Education.

            e. Languages.

            f. Ideology, religious teachings, nationalism.

            g. Haskalah and Hasidism.

            h. Personalities.

            i. Historiography.

            j. Jewish society in its non-Jewish context.

            k. Between ‘East’ and ‘West’.

            l. The uniqueness of the Galician Haskalah and its legacy.


Scholars wishing to deliver a paper at the conference are requested to submit as Word documents in Hebrew or English by February 10, 2013:

            a. Contact information (name, email address, academic affiliation).

            b. Title of lecture and an abstract of up to 300 words.

            c. A short bio (up to 300 words).


All material should be sent to: Please indicate in the subject of your email: ‘Galician Haskalah’ followed by your surname. For further inquiries please call 02-5633790.


Academic Committee:

Prof. Israel Bartal, Dr. Sara Bender, Dr. Chanan Gafni, Prof. Shmuel Feiner, Prof. Yehuda Friedlander, Prof. Dan Laor, Prof. Rachel Manekin, Dr. Nathan Shifriss


22 December 2013 - 25 December 2013