Amsterdam Yiddish Symposium

The Amsterdam Yiddish Symposium is an annual conference, organised since 2006 by the chair in Yiddish Studies at the Department of Hebrew, Aramaic and Jewish Studies at Amsterdam University.

Each year the conference is devoted to a particular theme and the lectures are later published. So far the following publications have appeared in this series:

  • Vol. 1: The Bible in/and Yiddish (Amsterdam 2006 [2007]).
  • Vol. 2: The Multiple Voices of Modern Yiddish Literature (Amsterdam 2007).
  • Vol. 3: Early Yiddish Poetry (Amsterdam 2008).
  • Vol. 4: Yiddish Storytelling (Amsterdam 2009).
  • Vol. 5: The Politics of Yiddish (Amsterdam 2010).

Vol. 6: From the Shtetl to the Metropolis (Amsterdam 2011) is currently in production.