Yiddish Sources is a portal for anyone who is interested in Yiddish and Yiddish Studies and is maintained by Gerben Zaagsma. Yiddish Sources offers up to date and comprehensive information in three main areas:

  • the reference section contains information about relevant academic institutions, archives and libraries and universities or centers which offer Yiddish courses (note that summer courses or workshops are listed under events) as well as mailing lists related to Yiddish. Relevant Jewish Studies/academic associations and Yiddish cultural organisations as well as internet portals are also listed. There is also a page with online Yiddish media (newspapers, magazines and radio programs) and finally a list of institutions and antiquariats that sell Yiddish books. In addition it is possible to browse these resources by country or city.
  • the research section provides all the necessary information to locate Yiddish materials. Users can browse resources for specific topics in Yiddish Studies, relevant journals, online bibliographies or archival inventories. There is also a list of digitised Yiddish collections that are available online.
  • the events section lists upcoming conferences, seminars and summer courses/ language workshops and also contains an archive of past events.

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Yiddish Sources was first launched in 2005 as Yiddish Sources in Historical Research. It is part of the WWW-VL History Central Catalogue that is hosted at the European University Institute.

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